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What types of courses does Case Management University offer?

We offer specialized courses in case management, ranging from 4-week intensive programs to 12-week comprehensive courses, catering to various levels of expertise and professional needs.

Who are the courses designed for?

Our courses are tailored for healthcare professionals like nurses, social workers, and case managers seeking to enhance their skills in patient care and case management.

How are the courses delivered?

Courses are available both online and in-person, providing flexible learning options to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals.

What skills will I gain from these courses?

You’ll learn vital skills such as patient assessment, care coordination, communication, developing care plans, and understanding healthcare regulations, depending on the course length and depth.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in these courses?

No specific prerequisites are required, but a background in healthcare is beneficial for a better understanding of course material.

Boost Your Basics
Enroll in our 4-week course for essential case management skills.
Deepen Your Knowledge
Join our 8-week course for a comprehensive skillset in case management.
Master Case Management
Advance with our 12-week course, including a capstone project for expert-level insight.

Expertise and Experience

Seasoned Professionals, Practical Insights

Our seasoned professionals impart practical insights from their extensive experience, equipping students with relevant, effective training for real-world case management challenges

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